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Smart Tax Apps for Your Smartphone

You can already deposit checks, watch live sports and knock over angry birds, so it’s a natural step to also do your taxes on your mobile smartphone. There are now several apps available to consumers who are interested in exploring the app marketplace for tax solutions.


The IRS’s IRS2GO app will check the status of your tax refund. The app uses very personal data, which raises some security concerns for average taxpayers. The app asks for your social security number and sends it to a secure and encrypted system. You can then view the status of your income tax return, an estimate for your refund and also access IRS tax planning and preparation tips. The IRS has also included their twitter feed. This app seems like something a college freshman might download during a lecture to show off to his friends, not something a responsible adult would want to use. However, it is exciting to see the government take steps to improve user experience.

TurboTax App

SnapTax, the TurboTax mobile app, is the first app of it’s kind to allow mobile tax filing. Using your smartphone’s camera, you will take a picture of your W-2. The app will then analyze the information in the picture and extract your data. There are several identity theft questions and then with the push of a button, your income tax will be complete. The drawback to the “revolutionary” app is that it can pretty much only be used by single, low-income level individuals who are not being claimed by a parent. Homeowners, parents or land owners will not be able to complete all the necessary paperwork required for their taxes.

Also by TurboTax, is the TaxCaster app for the iPhone, Android and iPad. TaxCaster draws an accurate estimate of your tax refund by accurately computing your line items. You will also be able to adjust things on your return to see how your tax refund would be affected. Included in the app are negative numbers for any losses that may factor into the amount you need to pay your taxes. The TaxCaster also has a very easy to use interface.

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